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hows ya doing?

i just made my grandma mad cuz i had the tv on too loud XP i turned off the tv and she comes in the living room all "are you outta your mind? do you know what time it is?" im too polite, but in my head im goin' uhh...3:18? that lady gets too uptight, i mean, it'll be something like she can't find her purse and she'll go mad just cuz she cant find it. everyone else in their right mind would be "oh, i can't find my purse, i guess i'll look harder", but no, she'll go, with narrow eyes as if she got a fuckin' headache and go "i dios mio (for those of you not fluent in spanish, this means "oh my god"), i cant find my purse... *DEPRESSION! KAPOW!*" and i'll look at her and feel like "calm down.. its just a fucking purse, just look harder or give up, you only have like 52 cents in it anyways..." yeah. its cold in here. the thermosplat says 70, but ari says 30. >_< me and sam were doing a side story today, and this was the first in a long time that i enjoyed doing because it had evilevan. evilevan is evan, only.. evil. yeah. he's like the complete opposite, e.e. likes mice whereas r.e (evil evan V. regular evan) is terrified of them, e.e. is all pessimistic and r.e. is optomistic, yeah i dont feel like writing, just, r.e. is good, and e.e. is goth/punk. yeah. my cousin came over and she has this high frequency of voice that tears at your brain like a million graters. its not so much high-pitched as it is loud and annoying... and we'll throw in obnoxious for good measure. it'll be like fucking 10 in the morning and all i'll hear is "AAAAAAAAH! BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA!" oh, and her singing voice.. if i were to rate it from 1-10, i'd say its a -4. i mean, if I were to rate my singing voice, i'd give it a 3 because i used to sing well but you know, with puberty and what-not, you tend to lose your voice. so.. she wasn't singing that damn song, no wait, more like, she wasnt singing those fucking songs from phantom of the opera, she killed them, cut them up into pieces, burned them, and ground them up into fine dust. so, it was her loud "singing" voice what woke me up at 10. its so damn annoying trying to sleep after that. god, there were 8 people in my house the past couple of days, its hard man! i cant handle 8 people in my house at the same time. i can hardly handle the 6 i usually have but 8? come on! i mean, my cousin is about 5 people alone, so, its like having 12 people in the house. >.< plus, my brother and her brother are 13 and 14 respectively but they fucking wake up at 9! 9! who the fuck wakes up at nine!?! only kindergarteners do! god, im glad that now theres only 5, my brother's at my dad's and my cousins have gone home. so now, all i have to do is maybe stay in a deep enough sleep to tune out my mom's screeches whenever SHE talks... >.< all i ask is for people to shut the hell up and let me sleep till noon. thats all i ask, and maybe not to destroy my house (which my cousins always do) but noooooooo. i ask for a little peace and i get shit. oh, as you may have already noticed, i changed the layout. oh well. oh, i have this weird mix of faithful by pearl jam (i pearl jam song stuck in my head?!?! no way!) and the phantom of the opera theme song in my head. i think my cousin practically ruined the play for me though. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!
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