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w00t for skewl!

i got to take like, 5 naps today. my 1st period teacher wasn't here today, i had english 2nd period (oy, vicari is giving us so much shit for homework this month >.<), 3rd i had free, 4th i had band and since my bass is X_X, i got to take another nap, 5th i had earth science >.<, 6th i had lunch, 7th i had free, and 8th i had american history. *siiigh* if it wasn't for my fucking period and hw, this would have been the best day of my life. oh god im so pathetic, i kept writing down "i love puppet master, he's spooky and i like spooky, i lurv heem" and so forth all over my notes. oh, PM is evilevan's nickname cuz when they're both in the room, its annoying to say hey evan, no not you, other evan. oh, if you're just joining us, evan is a character in the book me and my cousin are writing and evilevan is a character in our sidestories. our book is approx. 745 pages with out editing and each sidestory (most are unfinished) are approx. 30 each. tee hee, we're cool. NO! YOU’RE NOT!
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