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yeah. i'm all insomnia-ed and im like, awake, and tired at the same time. im gonna go search and see what exactly insomnia is and see if i have it. anywho, vicari gave us an essay to do, our first one of the month. this one shouldn't be too hard since it's s critical lens, but he said we're being assigned an essay a day for a week >.< i hate essays. i love to write, but i love it when im free to write what i feel, not about some dumb books. well, if the book inspired me, but none of the books i read in his class inspired me. oh, plus, we have a regents and a midterm this month >.< and then a IB exam in june.. :\ i hate IB, good thing i only got one IB class or i'd die. im not good at organizing my time and plus i have tae kwon do, and i'm lazy, see, being in the IB diploma would be a stupid idea. ooo... harrington ish gonna kill meh if he sees me typing this up.. oh well. OO! we had a 2 hour delay at school, but i didnt go. im not fucking going to school if we have to leave like two hours later anyway. i want my sleep dammit! i miss sam.... eeehhhh.. i want to talk to her today, but i think that she will be too busy at a birthday party... well, since she's a catholic 13 year old going to a catholic 13 year old's birthday party (and i emphasize the catholic to emphasize their innocence) so she should be back at least 10 so maybe... if she isnt too busy.. she could come online at like.. at night, maybe a couple minutes before she goes to bed... just to check in on me possibly... eh. oo, maybe fucci can come on too so i can wish him a happy birthday.. yeah. pearl jam pearl jam pearl jam ish teh greatest band of all! w00t. um.. i dont know what else to say... i went to bed at 2:30 yesterday even though i could have gone to bed at like 10, but i couldn't sleep. even when i was laying in bed at 2 i couldnt sleep, i just laid there in bed until 2:30 and then i eventually fell asleep. heh heh... yeah...
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