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such beauty...

a wave came crashing like a fist to the jaw i lifted to her head she looked at me and said i pledge my grievance to the flag a snowflake falls in may all been washed in black i will hold the candle till it burns up my arm oh i'll keep taking punches until their will grows tired touch you hold you feel you in my arms never again you're so warm oh the ritual when i lay down your crooked arm i wish i was a sentimental ornament you hung on the christmas tree i wish i was the star that went on top there's no leaving here ask im an ear (FUCK IT) no matter how cold the winter there's a springtime ahead they don't scurry when something bigger comes their way saw things so much clearer once you were in my rearviewmirror i dont wanna be held in your debt she gave him away when she couldn't hold on a little visit reminded me of his presence cuz we know appetite for nightly feast those ignorant indians got nothing on me why would you wanna hurt me? so frightened of your face i said i said i dont know whether it was the box or the bag dont you think you oughta lay your head down tonight he's not a leader he's a texas leaguer memories like fingerprints are slowly raising can't keep me here hail hail the lucky ones a scratching voice all alone its nothing like your baritone i will walk with my shadow flag into your garden don't it make you smile we're all crazy, we're all crazy at war i did what i had to do if there was a reason it was you can't remember why dont you dirty his hands it comes right off policeman what's got the whole world faking she dreams in color she dreams in red
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