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happy new year

yeah onto more important things. i just submitted my supplement to dartmouth. i know its not the whole application, but just that little step made me realize something. with the birth of a new year comes the birth of new challenges, new responsibilities, new experiences that are just around the corner. i, ariana marie melendez, am graduating high school in a mere 6 months and down that year i'll begin anew as ariana marie melendez, college freshman. as a new year begins i realize now that my life as a teenager is drawing a close and my life as an adult woman is just starting. its scary but i know i can make it. four years seems like a long time to be in school, but ive been in school for about 13 years now, i can handle 4 more. but this isnt ordinary schooling, id be seen as an adult and would have to be responsible for new tasks i cant even fathom right now. papers upon papers and tests of another magnitude. am i really ready to take on the tasks of a normal adult? am i able to perform satisfactorily in this crazy mixed up world called reality? i may not have all the answers, but i know that with perserverence i can make it through anything. and it'll all be worth it when im 21 years old and on that stage, receiving that glorious piece of paper in recognition of my completing not only college, but the most important four years of my life. its not just about grades and books, its about self-discovery. its about learning that just one person can do almost anything and with teamwork, great minds can achieve more. its about meeting that special someone who will be part of your life the rest of your life, whether that person be a husband, a wife, a good friend, a study partner, a professor, just about anybody. its about knowing that you have succeeded and knowing that with that piece of paper, you will strive in life. i know i only handed in a part of an application, but its the beginning to something strange and intimidating yet exciting and hopeful. by handing in that supplement i not only hand in a piece of and application to a college, im handing over myself to college and saying "look out college, here i come!" and im handing myself over to the world itself and saying "look out world, here comes ariana melendez." it may just be a piece of electronic paper, but its a lot more to me, college, and soon, everyone. i know i'll make an impact in this world and i know i'll make a difference and i know that all that i do will be for the benefit of society and ultimately myself. i'm making this public instead of friends only so that everyone can watch me blossom from a high school senior and a teenager, to a college freshman, and a powerful woman. watch out everyone, i'm going to college.
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