ari (eddievedder_64) wrote,

ABC questions are fun!!!
Are you a guy or a girl?:girl
Beer or Liquor?:neither
Can you balance on 1 foot jump up and down and rub your tummy all at once?:yes
Did you just try it?:no
Eileen is my name if ur name started with an E what would u want it to be?:Eddie
1.:pearl jam
2.:roleplaying with my cousin sam
3.:my mom
Girls are ________.:annoying
How tall are you?:5'2"
I love icecream .. whats your favorite flavor?:rocky road
Jello shooters are at parties what else is at a party that starts with a J?:jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjc penny store clerks
Kill or be killed. If you could kill one celeb. who would it be?:lindsay lohan. or britney spears
Love or Lust? (which have you fallen for):neither =\
Marijuana or Alcohol? (or neither ):alcohol maybe, when im of age (YES IM A GOOD GIRL!)
No or Yes (just4)
Ever had sex with a man?:no
Ever been to a different country?:yes
Are you allergic to anything?:yes
Can you stand completly straight look down and see your toes?:yes?
( fill in the blank)
Omg I have no _________!!!:penis
People think im _________.:crazy
Quiet people _____.:are me
If you could be any animal what would it be?:leopard
If you had an extra body party what would you want it to be?:arm, i couldnt hold a cable and i put it in my mouth and i got electrocuted. IF I HAD AN EXTRA ARM THAT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED
If you lost all but one of your 5 senses which one would you keep?:sight
Soda or juice?:soda
Think of one thing that makes you frown and 2 that make you smile.:my dad/ pearl jam and my family
Under any circumstance whats one thing you dont wanna live without?
VISA or money.. which one do you use more?:money as i dont have a credit card
What is your favorite Holiday?:christmas
What will make you puke instantly?:the stuff that leaks out of people, ie: boogers, crap, other puke, spit, things like that
What color is the chair your sitting on right now ?:brown and woody
What was the first thing you ate today:fuck i cant remember
What is your favorite crayola color?:razzmatazz
What is your favorite weird smell?:rubber cement
What is the worst thing you've worn?:i dunno probably something stained or something
xx______xx or OooOO____OooOOO (screen names):washedinblack_91, kittentoejam88, i am az az, and dontsoonforgetme
Yawn or sneeze?:sneeze, it feels good and yawns are annoying
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
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